Touring the Canard-Duchêne house of Champagne

Carte des vignobles - Ludes

The Canard-Duchêne estate welcomes you in the village of Ludes, located at the heart of the Montagne de Reims. Away form the city-centre agitation, yet still a stone’s throw away (only a 15-minute ride), the estate in itself is a must-see, for its lovely park only, where admirable trees have stood tall for hundreds of years.    Continuer la lecture

Champagne Stéphane Herbert in Rilly

Stéphane Herbert’s Champagne house is located at the heart of Rilly-la-Montagne, a nice small village. This 4.5-hectare vineyard produces around 35.000 bottles a year. Here, wine-growing is done sustainably, which implies that weeding is left undone on most of the plots. Production is sold essentially to a wide French client base, but also restaurant-owners and wineries. A smaller proportion is exported to Italy, Japan or Austria.   Continuer la lecture

Champagne Michel Lenique in Pierry

Michel Lenique’s house of Champagne was founded in 1768 in Pierry. The estate is a little less than 7 hectares and yearly production is close to 50.000 bottles. The vines are located in Mardeuil, Vauciennes, Vincelles and Epernay. A large share of the production is sold directly on the property, and 30% of business comes from exportation.

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